A Review of the Archipini of the Bahamas with the Description of a New Species of Argyrotaenia Stephens (Tortricidae)

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Austin, K. A., J. J. Dombroskie, D. L. Matthews, J. Y. Miller. 2019. A review of the Archipini of The Bahamas with the description of a new species of Argyrotaenia Stephens (Tortricidae). J. Lepid. Soc. 73: 5-17.


Recent surveys in The Bahamas recorded four species of Archipini. Of these, Argyrotaenia flavoreticulana Austin & Dombroskie, sp. n. is described and illustrated, while A. amatana (Dyar), A. kimballi Obraztsov, and Clepsis peritana (Clemens) are reported from The Bahamas for the first time. Because of the difficulty of identifying the latter three species, they are re-described and figured. A key to the Archipini of The Bahamas is included.